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Brussels Consulting Group (BRUCG)


Brussels Consulting Group is an international team of communications and public affaires professionals, provising consulting services to business, NGOs and individuals in the capital of the European Union since 2010. The core value of Brussels Consulting Group is our consultants and partners. Multinational team includes specialists from various rich backgrounds of the best universities. We are proud of having unique experience in project management, public affaires and strategic communications in different European countries.   

European Platform for Advanced Women (EPAW)

International Migration and Gender Research Institute (IMAGRI)


​International Migration & Gender Research Institute (IMAGRI) is a NGO, created in 2008 in Brussels. The main goal is to promote social and professional inclusion of and knowledge exchange for the main target group: Advanced women-migrants. We encourage & teach female migrants who are keen to actively participate in the public and social life, bring benefits for the new country, to start a new career. We channel our activities as follows: organise annually the Women Business Forum at the European Parliament (to attract public& political attention to the Advanced women migrants), organise training, seminars (to give practical knowledge); conduct constant research monitoring of female migration to the EU (to update political & public bodies with real-life data & recommendations). 

EU Russia Today


EU Russia Today- European platform aimed on multidimensional help and support of open-minded & business-thinking people from Russia and Russian-speaking countries, who are eager to start/promote/develop their projects and initiatives in the European Union.
Our mission is to do everything for multiplying the flow of ideas, initiatives and unique projects on the line of regional cooperation between Russian-speaking countries and the European Union members. For that purpose we:  share ideas & promoting values of cooperation and partnership - disseminate useful & rare information -  organize special membership-based thematic event -         offer unique possibilities of work and stagier experience - support in finding partners and co-thinkers all over Europe.   
EU Russia Today is membership-based club of leadership-oriented ambitious people, opened for only 1000 members at the same time. 

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